So you are looking to sell a property?

  Agence Internationale Albert Honig is at your service to help you with the entire process of finding the right buyer for your property and ultimately concluding the sale, all the while representing your best interests.

  Undoubtedly, your goal is to find the proper buyer for your property and to make the sale soundly at a fair price and in a timely manner.

  Here is how the professionals at Agence Internationale Albert Honig can help you:

  • We listen to you intuitively and evaluate carefully your specific needs and desires concerning the sale of your property.
  • We offer you a free evaluation of your property and our expertise with regards to current activity in the corresponding property market to help you determine the best asking price and terms for the sale of your property.
  • We save you time and expense by marketing your property for you using the wide variety of advertising means we have expertly developed to find a buyer tools and experts we have in our network
  • We accompany you in your search, previewing properties on your behalf, visiting potential properties with you, and posing important questions to the sellers concerning the property, so that you have at your disposal all of the information you need to make a sound buying decision.
  • Once you are interested in purchasing a given property, we gather all of the details necessary to negotiate the purchase for you, paying careful attention to your specific needs and desires concerning the purchase, insuring for you a satisfactory conclusion.
  • We take expert care of the many administrative details concerning your purchase, including the “compromise de vente,” or property sales contract between you and the seller and the many details associated with the notary entity involved in the purchase.
  • We can offer you access to our network of trusted professionals to help you with any needs you may have financing or insuring your purchase.

  We invite you to begin your property search by consulting our website’s search function, which is updated daily.  There you will find it easy to search by your specific criteria to find all of the corresponding properties we have in our portfolio.  We offer you there, as well, information concerning properties listed with other agencies within our professional network.

  In addition, you will find it helpful to sign up for our “alert by email” service to receive updates informing you when we have any new properties or new information concerning your property search and specific criteria.

  You are invited to contact us directly via telephone at 04 67 09 48 44 at our main office in Pézenas or via email at any time you have questions or interest in one or more of our properties.  We promptly respond to any requests you have to receive additional property information, plans, property photographs, or other details.  We can organize a visitation of the property or properties for you, and can offer you helpful travel information for any arrangements you may need to make in order to reach the Pézenas area.

  To better facilitate your interests regarding your purchase, we can offer you a “mandat de recherche,” or buyer’s agent agreement, which clearly defines our professional dedication to efficiently target your property search and to expertly represent you and your interests during the negotiation process, and there after to the conclusion of your purchase.  Our agency fees are included in the selling price. The "frais d’acte" or notary fees, are additional, and are the responsibility of the buyer.

  AGENCE IMMOBILIÈRE HONIG | 20, Place du Marché Trois-six - 34120 PEZENAS | TÉL. 04 67 09 48 44 | FAX : 04 67 98 32 33 |  

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